Welcome to the blog of an addicted teenage; one addicted to the pursuit of knowledge.  Specifically, the two topics that I am most passionate about are running and climate change.  While my inclination toward running stems from my years on the cross country team, I stumbled upon climate change accidentally and immediately found it appealing because of my love for the environment.  Therefore, while I might go off on tangents, the primary focus of this blog will be to communicate my thoughts and experiences related to climate change and running.  Concerning running, I plan to discuss my research into everything from nutrition to running gear and share the details of my training.  On the other hand, the climate change posts will focus more on sharing resources I find thought-provoking and any commentary I have on them.  Along the way, I might touch on minimalism, technology, and health as I find those areas intriguing as well.  Of course, I hope this blog will not be a one-way venture but evolve into a dynamic knowledge-sharing community.

~ A-ry


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