Coming Up

For this first real post, I’m going to keep it kinda short and just give a heads up on what I plan on covering this coming week.  First off, I’m going to be running the SweetH20 Sweetheart Half Marathon on Saturday.  As of now, my plan is to run the race based on feel (holding back a little, unless I’m in the top 5) then run an extra 10K or so after the race to push my mileage up to 45 this week and get in a solid long run.  This will be a good opportunity for me to test my gear (fuel belt, water bottle, calf sleeves) and nutrition (mainly Hammer which I plan on discussing in a future post).  Also, the half-marathon covers a good portion if not most of the 50K I’m training for (the Sweetwater 50K – the photo).  Considering all of this, I’m really looking forward to what happens this weekend and will put up a race report asap.  Concerning posts in the works, I plan on putting out a post on how I log my runs (with a primary focus on the software) and also one expanding on the interests I mentioned in my manifesto.  To end, I’ll share a TED talk I found today by Michael Pawlyn on finding inspiration in nature for architecture (biomimicry):

First River Crossing - Sweetwater 50K 2010


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