Weekly Summary (Feb. 13-19)


Interesting week of running that started out with some extreme soreness from my race on Saturday.

  • Sunday: rest day…legs extremely sore from Saturday’s race (especially my quads).
  • Monday: Decided to get the legs moving despite the soreness.  After some trail running, I iced in the creek the right way with my legs all the way under-water (if you look at my race report icing photo, you’ll notice that my quads aren’t fully submerged and thus hurt the next day).
  • Tuesday:
    • Morning:  Trainer ride in my basement.  Followed by some core and shoulder work.
    • Afternoon:  10K on a hilly golf course close to my house.  Feeling the overall body fatigue.
  • Wednesday:
    • Morning:  5 miles on a treadmill at the YMCA to get in some miles before school.
    • Afternoon:  Quick and easy 4.5 miles to bump up the mileage for the day.
  • Thursday: 3 miles on the road plus 2 miles in the woods.  Shirtless and sweaty run….interesting since it’s still winter.
  • Friday:
    • Morning: Another early morning run.  This time I ran outside and had to use my headlamp.  Unfortunately, I had an encounter with a dog outside of his fencing.  Thankfully, I was able to blind him with my headlamp and he didn’t get close enough to do any damage. 4.5 miles
    • Afternoon:  Came home after school looking for something to do, so I decided to go for a quick cycle.  Ended up doing 10.5 miles and came home with a bloody knee from wiping out.
  • Saturday: Surprisingly hot run.  9 miles on the track to end out the week with about 40 miles of running and 18 miles of cycling.  Total time exercising this week: 6.5 hours.

Result of my crash during my ride on Friday

Feed Clippings:

  1. Hidden Costs of Coal:  If we paid attention to the true cost of our addiction to oil and coal, maybe then we would move toward cleaner energy sources.  A paradigm shift is needed; there is too much focus on short-term and visible consequences.
  2. Is the World One Poor Harvest Away From Chaos?:  Article that explores rising food costs and the resulting instability that occurs (i.e. Egypt).
  3. Think:  Awesome post on training movements rather than muscles… I highly recommend Vern’s blog.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Summary (Feb. 13-19)

  1. Looks like a very solid week…well…despite mating with the pavement. But, you got the all-important runny blood shot…and that’s what counts.

    Next time after a hard race try an easy 30-minute spin (on a trainer ideally). Nothing that makes your heart rise – just the easiest gear you have mindlessly watching TV. It does wonders for leg recovery…I do it after every race – even marathon’s and Ironman’s.

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