Weekly Summary (Feb. 20-26)


Solid week of running before I go back up to 45 miles next week.

  • Sunday: Rest day…recovery.
  • Monday:
    • Morning: Easy 6 miles.
    • Afternoon: Easy 4 miles followed by 3 x Purcell Hills. Purcell is a road near my house that has a very large hill that resembles the ones I will see during my race (SweetWater 50K) in mid-April.  The grade of this hill is absolutely ridiculous and simply walking up it tires me out.
  • Tuesday: Easy four miles..extremely fatigued because of other things happening in life.
  • Wednesday:
    • Morning:  Met up with a friend and drove out to Sawnee Mountain.  Beautiful morning and sunrise and so we just cruised on the trails.  We ran up to the summit twice and did a lot around the base of the mountain.  Excellent view of Georgia from the top. 6.94 miles
    • Afternoon:  30 min trainer ride to help the legs recover… 8.64 miles
  • Thursday: 3 miles easy… recovery from yesterday.
  • Friday: 1 mile warm-up with 3 x (15 min @ 6:40 w/ 3 min rest)  Definitely miss “fast” workouts, although I know 6:40 is nothing compared to what I ran during cross country. 8.66 miles
  • Saturday: At Clemson for the National Scholars Program and supposed to take the day off…. However I needed to de-stress from my interviews, so I decided to run in my Vibrams to the indoor track to catch up with one of my friends from Davidson down at Clemson for a track meet.  3.11 miles

Feed Clippings:

  1. Which Nations Are the Most Vulnerable to Climate Change?:  Article that provides some interesting commentary on who should receive aid from the Green Climate Fund as climate change starts to wreck havoc across the world.
  2. China’s Droughts Near Worst in 200 Years:  Food prices continue to be stressed… a look at the drought in China, the world’s largest producer of wheat.
  3. Thoughts on the New Boston Marathon Qualifying Standards:  DCRainmaker’s take on the new Boston Marathon Qualifying Standards.

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