Weekly Summary (March 6th – 12th)


Backing off for the next two weeks before going back up to 45 miles.

  • Sunday: 8 miles easy.  In context of my sixteen mile long run on Saturday, I felt very good on this run and paced my dad to about 9 min miles.  I still can’t believe how well my recovery routine on Saturday worked.
  • Monday: 3 miles easy with 3 x Purcell Hill Repeats.  This time, I decided to jog down the hill to get my quads used to some of the impact.  The Top of the World section of the SweetWater 50K will ultimately decide how well I do, so I am working on honing my strategy.
  • Tuesday: Progression run:  9 miles starting @ 9 min/mile and ending with 7 min/mile.  Interestingly, I felt extremely tired, yet at the same time very strong.  For this run, I ran with my hand-bottle and carried one gel.  Post workout Ultragen shake.
  • Wednesday: Recovery run.  4 miles easy.
  • Thursday: 7 miles easy on a hilly loop.  Legs felt strong and the weather system blowing in made for a nice backdrop to my run.
  • Friday: Early morning run, because of an all-day chorus field trip.  Easy 4 miles.. morning air felt good.
  • Saturday: Another morning run, but this time I had a disc golf tournament to go to.  5 miles.

Feed Clippings:

  1. Rep. Edward J. Markey on the GOP and Climate Change:  Rep. Markey pokes fun at the GOP for not accepting scientific fact.
  2. House GOP and Oil Subsidies:  the House GOP decides to side with oil companies rather than the American people.
  3. World Food Prices Will Keep Climbing:  A look into and prediction on food prices.

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