Weekly Summary (March 13th – 19th)


My first down week in a long time.  Next week I’ll be back up to peak mileage, before I taper off for the big day (April 16th)

  • Sunday: Off…recovery.
  • Monday: 4 miles easy after staying after school in preparation for the chorus concert.  Post workout I did 5 Purcell Hill Repeats.  I’m hoping these will pay off on race day.
  • Tuesday: 5 miles easy.  Considering I had no time after school today (chorus concert and tutoring), I had to wake up at 6:15.  Not only was it pitch black, but there was a steady rain.  Thus, I strapped on my headlamp (praying that it was water-proof) and ventured out into the night.  Throughout my whole run, I was intrigued by how my headlamp reflected off of my breath and the rain.
  • Wednesday: 3.5 miles easy.  I needed to catch the track meet, so I cut my run short.
  • Thursday: 10 mile tempo run.  2 mile easy followed by 4 x (10 min @ T with 2 min rest) and finished off with 1 mile easy.  Considering how slow I have gotten from cross country, I decided to let my first interval dictate my pacing.  I hit around a 6:32 and decided to hold that for the rest of the workout.  Out of all of the days, today was the hottest and I really suffered during the last two intervals.  Also, my ankles, feet, and achilles were causing me trouble and I had to stop during my rest intervals for a couple of seconds to give them a quick rest.  Because of the intensity of this run, I had Ultragen to recover.
  • Friday: 5 mile recovery run.  Quads were sore and in general, I felt fatigued.  Post workout I drank some HEED since I am starting to sweat a little.
  • Saturday: 3 miles easy in the woods.  Felt extremely tired and ran at a slow pace.  I am hoping that some sleep tonight will help make me feel better.

Feed Clippings:

  1. Virtually All Climatologists are Now Convinced that Global Warming Poses a Threat:  Article discusses the complexities of the climate issue concerning public opinion…“I think one of the consequences of our modern, complex, global society is that we no longer take a longer view of things. We think very short term.”
  2. Subsidies or Food Stamps:  House committee believes that food stamps are better to cut than food subsidies.
  3. Firefox 4:  Mixing it up and linking to an excellent article by Lifehacker that shows the new features of Firefox 4 (just officially released today).

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