Weekly Summary (March 20th – 26th)


Back up to peak mileage (45 miles) for the last time before I start tapering.  Although my running is really tearing me down, I feel that once I taper, I will feel very strong.

  • Sunday: 6 miles easy with a one hour cycle.  I was able to get some real sleep last night and I really felt the difference on my run.  In order to give my legs a break, I split this run between the street and the woods.  Concerning the cycle, I didn’t really have any goals other than to get in a solid hour.  During some points in my ride, I got caught up and pushed a little.  I have a feeling my quads will be slightly sore tomorrow.
  • Monday: 5 miles easy in the woods to recover from yesterday’s cycle and prepare for tomorrow’s tempo run.  The weather is starting to change and my runs are now a little hot.  I will definitely have to take my hydration serious during the race.  My ankle bothered me just a little bit.
  • Tuesday: 12.6 miles.  1 mile E + 2 x (20 min E + 20 min T) + 1 mile E.  Big workout that definitely challenged me.  Like my previous tempo runs, I let my first interval dictate my pace for the subsequent intervals…this time I hung around the 6:30s with my second repeat faster than the first.  Again, the weather factored into my run and although I had ample water, the heat was significant.  Surprisingly, my achilles/ankles held up and the only pain I had was a slight cramp toward the end of the run (probably linked to my hydration).  Although I started the run with noticeably sore quads, I was able to hold a decent pace for the workout.  Concerning nutrition, I had some HEED and Perpetuem Solids before my run and Ultragen and a turkey burger after my run.  To save my legs, I took a quick ice bath and got in a quick cycle aswell.  Solid day.
  • Wednesday: 4 miles easy in the woods to recover.  Despite my hard workout yesterday, I had minimal soreness and was able to hold a fairly fast pace without much effort.  Feeling strong…
  • Thursday: Easy four miles in the woods coupled with a post-run cycle on my trainer (12 miles).  Overall I felt strong, although my legs were feeling somewhat fatigued.  Beautiful weather for a run… 62 with a cool wind.
  • Friday: 3 miles easy on the track.  This run was supposed to be done in the morning, but my alarm didn’t go off.  So, I got a pass from Coach to run out on the track during lunch.  I’m starting to feel the summer heat.
  • Saturday: 2 hour long run on hilly terrain with a 30 min cycle.  Coming into the run, my goal was to run low 8s for about 16 miles.  However, a large storm blew in and after getting bombarded by lightning strikes, hail, and cold rain, I decided to cut my run to 14.5 miles.  Because I finished my run absolutely freezing, I decided to forgo an ice bath and hopped on the trainer after a nice hot shower.

Feed Clippings:

  1. U.S. Loses Ground in Clean-Energy Investments:  Clean energy…not a race we want to lose.
  2. Billion-Plus People to Lack Water in 2050:  Urbanization and the water crisis.
  3. “All of the above” is no energy policy:  Dispelling the myth of the “all of the above” energy policy and a look at the risks of oil, coal, and nuclear power.

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