Weekly Summary (March 27nd – April 9th)


Week One (March 27 – April 2nd):  Starting my taper

  • Sunday: Off day.
  • Monday: Seven miles hilly.  Lots of pain today… both glutes were hurting, my left ankle was on fire, and my right achilles was burning.  Hopefully, they will heal during my taper.
  • Tuesday: Easy run on a local neighborhood’s trails.  Exploring new trails always gets me excited.  I didn’t worry about pacing and just cruised the whole time on some nice singletrack trails.
  • Wednesday: 4 miles easy in the woods.  Decided to forgo the Purcell Hill repeats because of some lingering fatigue.
  • Thursday: 2 miles easy followed by 5 x (5 mins at Tempo pace with 1 min rest); finished off with 1 mile easy.  For the intervals, I kept in the low 6:20s and felt good.  I started off with sore legs, but in the end it didn’t matter since I was able to hold my pace.  It feels good to get in some fast stuff.
  • Friday: 5 miles easy on neighborhood trails.  Both ankles and achilles flared up on the uphill sections.  This is not good.
  • Saturday: Off day.

Week Two (April 2nd – April 9th):  Essential Taper Week

  • Sunday: 9 miles easy.  Supposed to run this yesterday, but I took off because of ankle pain.  Both my ankles and achilles felt better today.  I’m starting to do some work on my biceps and upper body, just for all around body strength and it might help if I decide to carry a hand bottle during the race.
  • Monday: 5 miles easy mainly on the street, but some in the woods near the end.  Ran fast and felt good :).
  • Tuesday: 2 x (20 mins at Tempo pace + 20 min at Easy pace).  Supposed to be my last big day before the big dance in a couple of weeks.  However, during my rest interval after the first tempo, my achilles flared up suddenly.  I tried to run on it a little while longer, but I was forced to stop.  I took a small break under a tree and took off my shoes and sat down.  I decided to hitch a ride home from a friend close by.  Not sure what happened.  Later that night I played putt putt and was on my feet a lot.  Looking back, I should have been resting it.
  • Wednesday: Nothing…achilles is too painful.
  • Thursday: 2 minute run, then I had to give up… achilles again.  Hopped on the bike for 30 min and cycled fairly hard because I was a little frustrated.
  • Friday: 2.5 miles easy in the woods.  I could only run about 1/2 mile each time before having to let my achilles recover.  I’m optimistic because the pain subsides very quickly after I stop running.  20 min cycle post run.
  • Saturday: 40 min on the eliptical to get the equivalent of 5 miles of running (total time).  I thought that the eliptical would not stress my achilles at all, but it ended up hurting near the end… I’m really scared about the 50k..

Feed Clippings:

  1. Convincing 100 Neighbors to Go Solar:  Very cool example of one guy making a big difference in his community by starting a solar panel program.
  2. House Rejects Climate Science:  Seriously?
  3. Attacks on the EPA:  Four amendments attacking the EPA…thankfully none of them passed.

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