Coming Back

Well, it’s been a while since I last posted (over two months).  I guess my hiatus from blogging was partly because I was busying graduating, but I think the main reason is that I haven’t been running since my last ultra.  You see, during the race, I suffered severe IT band pain on my right leg.  At first, it was just annoying and new (I had never had IT band problems before), but as the race continued it steadily got worse.  Because I chose to run through it, I have suffered through two months of no running and little exercise.  If you want an excuse, I have been working and exhausted from that, but truthfully I have been getting lazy and am just out of my rhythm. 

However, I plan to change that asap.  I think injuries like this provide an excellent time for building general body strength, so I’m going to start swimming 3 days/ week and doing daily cycles of 15-20 mins.  After these sessions, I have created a general strength routine that will be quick and easy once I get into a workout rhythm.  And of course, I have/will continue to stretch and strengthen my IT bands.  From talking to other runners and through some research, I have discovered that there is no secret cure for IT band pain; it is just the usual:  ice, rest, stretch, and strengthen.  I really hope to get back into a decent routine and stop the decline of my fitness…

Running builds on itself…year after year… consistency.

Well, now that that is covered… onto a little blurb on something arguably a little more exciting:  the U2 concert in Nashville! Typical of U2 concerts, this one was unforgettable, from opening with Even Better Than the Real Thing to I Will Follow to a blind guitar-playing fan playing All I Want is You.  I am so blessed to have seen them so many times… they truly are one of the best bands in the world and an important influence in my life.




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