Trip to California Day One

After getting up around five or so, my dad and I headd to the Atlanta airport to start our trip to California.  We arrived an hour early and made a run to Starbucks (one of many this trip).  For the flight, I planned on reading my Clemson book (Saints at the River) and finishing up Francis Chan’s Crazy Love.  As expected, Crazy Love was way more intriguing than Saints of the River.  Some excerpts that I found stimulating are:

The World needs Christians who don’t tolerate the complacency in their own lives.

Nowhere in Scripture do I see a ‘balanced life with a little bit of God added in’ as an ideal for us to emulate… People ask Him to join them on their life journey… Jesus Christ did not die in order to follow us.



The second I stepped off the plane, I knew California was my true home… it just felt right (and I’m not talking about the weather, which was a perfect 70 degrees and sunny).  After picking up our rental car, we headed out to Palo Alto for a business meeting at Jive’s office.  Along the way, I spotted my first Prius, which would definitely not be my last.  Throughout the trip, I would see a million Prius, three Leafs, two Lamborghinis, a Vespa, tons of Porches, Mustangs, Camaros, and a bunch of other sick cars.  Anyway, we arrived in Palo Alto and went to lunch downtown at a Thai place.


After our lunch meeting, I was on my own.  And with Stanford only a mile or two away, I naturally made my way down University Avenue to take a look at my dream University.


I wandered around the Main Quad in awe of Stanford’s campus.  Everything felt right, and the campus was absolutely beautiful.  First on my agenda was to visit the athletic shop to pick up a Stanford shirt (since my parents didn’t get one on their visit to California).  I ended up purchasing a Cross Country shirt…just thinking of it makes me smile; Ryan Hall ran for Stanford.  With my shirt in hand, I walked over to the Visitor’s Center.  Here, I encountered another theme of my trip:  Macbooks.  So, so far the themes of my trip:  sick cars, Starbucks, and Macbooks.  Of course, Stanford’s visitor center looked amazing and was hopping with people.

Next, I walked over to the bookstore and, on the way, realized how many bikes there are at Stanford.  Why does Stanford have to be so awesome lol?  At the bookstore, I stumbled across a very interesting series called “Very Short Introductions”.  Basically, each book is on a specific subject and serves as a “Very Short [and thorough] Introduction” to that topic.  I was immediately attracted to the science and bible related ones.

To end out the day, I chilled on Stanford’s main lawn.  Even the grass at Stanford is awesome.  Before I left, I talked to a grad student about California and what it takes to get accepted to Stanford.  Basically, there’s still hope for me..

Palo Alto

Once my dad arrived from at Stanford from his meetings, I reluctantly said goodbye and we headed to downtown Palo Alto.  Before supper, we stopped by the Apple store.  While no purchases were made, we did see a sick Vespa parked right outside the store.  For supper, we picked a sushi place.  Since it was late at night (10-11pm EST), we decided to order light.  Unfortunately, we got excited and ordered a decent amount of sushi.  It was awesome though.  At this point, the combination of food and the time change made me very tired.  However, before going to bed, we walked along the coast and got to witness the clouds rolling in over San Francisco and slowly cover the city (really cool).  With that, we ended out a great first day.



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