Trip to California Day Two

After a surprisingly solid night of sleep, Day Two started off with a chocolate chip pancake breakfast… always a good way to start the day off.  Once breakfast was finished, we headed into Palo Alto and, like yesterday, I was on my own.  I considered making the trek to Stanford again, but I had some work to do.  So naturally I headed to the nearest Starbucks.

Arriving at Jive's slick office...

Since this was technically a business trip with a vacation thrown on at the end, I had to work a little in preparation for the Jive apps conference later that night.  The second I stepped into Starbucks and pulled out my laptop, I immediately felt the pressure from all the Macs around me.  It seemed like everyone had one.  Once I got over feeling like I didn’t belong, I powered through some work and did some housekeeping for the conference.

Saw my first Nissan Leaf #tearsofjoy (Twitter)

After a couple of hours, I met my dad back at Jive’s office and we headed out to pick up one of the interns that flew out to help with the conference.  Because of the time change, he was really hungry.  We found a hole in the wall called Seabreeze Café; an excellent choice with homemade barbecue and awesome paninis.

San Francisco

With lunch taken care of, we headed to the Golden Gate Bridge.  On the way, we encountered the epic hills that San Francisco is notorious for.

Just went down a hill in San Francisco so ridiculously large that my ears popped from the elevation change… #mindblown (Twitter)

When we finally made it to the bridge, it was covered almost completely in fog.  Although this made for some cool pictures, I never got to see the bridge in its entirety.  Just like San Francisco at night, the fog was rolling in over the hills.

Driving over the San Francisco Bridge

Next, we made our way back into the city for the Jive Apps conference.  The second we walked in, I could tell that this wasn’t a sterile Microsoft conference, but a modern and hip Jive conference.  Overall, I had a great time talking to the other app developers and most importantly, the food was great.  Again, I found myself surrounded by Macs.  By the time the conference was over, it was approaching 8 pm Pacific time and we hadn’t had supper yet.  So, we stopped at a small Mediterranean place and had a very late supper (my body thought it was 11 pm).  I was very impressed with their hummus and my tabouli was excellent.

After a light supper, we drove back to the hotel near the airport to drop off the intern and along the way, witnessed another San Francisco fog roll in; epic.  By the time we dropped off the intern, it was approaching 10 pm and we had a 2 hour drive to Merced (our next hotel location).  Although this wasn’t much of a problem for me (shotgun has sleeping privileges), it wasn’t too fun for my dad.  Around midnight, we finally rolled into Merced and zombie-walked to our room.

Fog Rolling in over San Francisco


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