Trip to California Day Five

Well, before I even woke up, I knew that for today one thing was certain… sore, sore legs.  Standing up out of bed confirmed that.. ouch.  Walking was not going to be fun today.


Since we didn’t really feel like doing anything at the moment, my Dad and I decided to hit up Starbucks again.  I had a cool lime refresher and a peppermint mocha to wake me up.  Of course, I was catching up on my feeds with Starbucks’ free wi-fi.  Today’s plan was really up in the air with only one thing certain;  we were going to see the coast.  After about an hour, we headed out for the coast. Nothing exciting happened on the trip other than the fact that we passed a white Lamborghini :P.

California Coast

Since I had just witnessed the epic beauty of Yosemite, I wasn’t overly pumped to see the coast… little can top the views from Half Dome.  Nevertheless, the coast was really cool and colorful and reminded me of Ireland.

The Colorful California Coast

California Coast

Although we did pass by the Pebble Beach area, we didn’t get to see the golf course.  The main attraction on our trip up the coast was the Bixby Bridge, which I knew from reading about Big Sur Marathon.  The bridge wasn’t humongous, but the epic gap that it crossed made it quite a sight.  After some exploring on the beach and watching the waves come in, we drove up to Carmel for some lunch.

Bixby Bridge


In Carmel, we had lunch at Dametra Café, a small, but amazing Mediterrean café.  I had absolutely ridiculous hummus and a perfect tomato, mozzarella, and basil sandwhich.  After lunch, we walked around the downtown of Carmel.  Along with visiting numerous clothing shops, we explored a quintessential CA surf shop.  I really wish that I could learn to surf just so I could walk into shops like these and strike up conversations with others about the waves I have caught.  During our walk, we came across a rare breed; a Nissan Leaf!  I tried my best to not make it obvious that I was in awe of the car (since the driver was sitting in it hah) and tried my best to sneakily take a couple of pictures.

Nissan Leaf!

Palo Alto


With our quick trip along the coast finished, we headed back to Palo Alto.  On our way back, I all of a sudden remembered that ZombieRunner ( was in Palo Alto.  This is one of the greatest running shops in the U.S. and specializes in everything ultra-running.  Although the shop is not that large, it is packed with awesomeness.  On the walls, they had almost every minimalist shoe imaginable and a whole section dedicated solely for Hammer Nutrition products (my absolute favorite nutrition company).

All the Minimalist Shoes Imaginable

They also had micro-spikes and a library of running books (Born to Run, Daniels…).  However, most notably, they had a collection of ultra-running buckles;  from Western States to Badwater… it blew my mind.  I seriously couldn’t stop looking at these buckles since I had never seen one in real life.  One day I hope to own my own buckles from these ultras.

One Day...

After checking out everything they had and buying a copy of Daniels’ Running Formula for my best friend, my dad and I headed to Stanford.  I was excited to spend some more time at my dream school before heading home.  While there, we checked out the Stanford shopping center… incredible.  I couldn’t believe that such a collection of shops existed on a college university; there was everything from Apple to Nike to Banana Republic.  We spent some time walking around and bought my brother a “Pre” (Prefontaine) shirt from the Nike store.

Nike Running

One Last Thing

Once we were done, there was only one thing left to do, hit up an In-N-Out Burger!

In-N-Out... True on so many levels.

While the burgers were incredible, I was really impressed with how fresh the tomato was.  I’m used to eating tomatoes that have been shipped a thousand miles across the country, so having a fresh tomato was awesome.  Along the way to the restaurant, we passed a Vespa dealership.  No doubt they have good-looking cars, but I found myself more amazed by the statistic they had painted on the wall inside the dealership… 295 miles/charge.  I can’t wait until the price of this technology comes down, so range anxiety will no longer be an issue with electric cars.

That's a nice-looking car!

Once we finished our meal, we headed back to the hotel.  Tomorrow, there was nothing else to do other than catch the flight back home and grab some famous San Francisco Sourdough bread.  Overall, I had an amazing time and am so blessed that my dad took me with him on this trip.

California Dreaming...


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