Crown of the Continent

In God’s wildness lies the hope of the world – the great fresh unblighted, unredeemed wilderness. The galling harness of civilization drops off, and wounds heal ere we are aware.  – John Muir

Glacier National Park.  Montana.  Few places can compare.

Glacier National Park

To end the summer, I trekked out to Glacier National Park in Montana with my brother, Austin.  We really didn’t know what to expect… just looking for adventure.

Overall, the trip was 5 nights 6 days and took us all over the heart of the park – along the Going To the Sun Road.  The GTTSR is truly one of the most beautiful roads in the nation.  Over the week, we got a taste of a little of everything:  grizzly bears, ice packs, hidden lakes, the continental divide, beautiful backcountry, waterfalls, and towering peaks.  Glacier National Park is just beautiful.  The video I made of our trip doesn’t come close to showing the beauty of this place.


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